Why should I get a locksmith rather than use a handyman or do it myself?

A qualified locksmith can advise you on the most suitable lock for your situation and budget.  You will have the peace of mind knowing you are using the correct lock.  Plus your installation will be finished quickly, neatly and most importantly correctly and guaranteed.

How much do good locks cost?

Choosing the best lock does not mean the most expensive.  When it comes to locks and security you often do get what you pay for.  Sometimes being cheap with locks can lead to a very expensive lesson.  Our locksmiths will help you assess the best locks for you and source quality locks and products at excellent value prices.

Do I need to provide identification when I am locked out of my house or office?

Yes you do need to provide identification for your protection otherwise anybody could be gaining entry to your valuable property.  We do however understand that sometimes your identification may be locked inside and we will ask to see this on gaining entry.

How long will it take you to gain entry into my house?

We understand that you want access as soon as possible and we will make every effort to arrive promptly.  Every lock is different therefore access time can vary.  However, our qualified locksmiths pride themselves on their years of experience and keeping up to date with new technology which means access time is kept to a minimum.

What if I have a different key for every door and window?

Usually the locks are compatible which means that we can rekey your existing locks and provide window locks all on the same key so you can throw out that bunch of keys weighing your handbag down.

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